Zero to Hero Challenge-Day 1: Introduce yourself


Welcome to 2014! Like many, I feel motivated by the fresh start of a new year so I will be participating in WordPress’s Zero to Hero 30 Day Blogging Challenge. Today’s challenge is to write a post to introduce yourself. My blog is about a year old now, so I guess its about time for a proper introduction.


The Basics.

  • Name: Kaitlyn
  • Age: 21
  • Occupation: student
  • Sign: Sagittarius
  • Obsessions: books, Reese’s cups, British TV
  • Currently reading: Watchmen by Alan Moore
  • Currently listening to: Myth by Beach House

Why I’m here.

My reasons for starting a blog are not unlike many others. I wanted a place to document various creative endeavors (mail art, photography, DIY projects) and personal growth that allows me to interact with other people. I also want to use this blog to share my experiences in the mental health world, both as a student and a patient as I learn to manage my depression and PTSD. I hope that by being honest and open about these things I can paint a clearer picture about what it really means to have a mental illness and maybe even provide a bit of comfort to those who are in situations similar to mine. I am going to think of this blog as an experiment- I’m excited to see where it goes as I get in the habit of posting more regularly.


Just in case that isn’t exciting enough for you, there will also be the occasional portrait of Charlie to keep things interesting.

Check out the Zero to Hero challenge and come back tomorrow for my day 2 entry! Leave a link in the comments with your introduction post.