I’m Kaitlyn. I’m studying mental health in hopes of eventually becoming a counselor of some kind. This blog will serve as an account of my attempt to balance my own mental health and overall happiness in my ever-changing life. I’ll write about anything and everything I do to keep myself sane.

This is a very new blog, so it won’t be the prettiest or easiest to navigate at first. Please bear with me!


One thought on “About

  1. teacritter

    What kind of Mental Health are you studying? I’m planning on starting my MA in Mental Health Nursing next year, I can’t wait. Sadly it’s a long way to get to become a psychoanalyst 😦 Nice blog BTW, oh and to answer your question about writing to prison inmates, all except for one got my address from Sassociations, I just put a post on there for penpals and my address and expressed that I was happy to receive mail from inmates and they just started flooding in really. It was a little overwhelming at first. They’re really interesting to correspond with (the ones that kinda enjoy their criminal activity REALLY are, but then I guess anyone who finds what makes people tick will find them interesting) ~I’ve found that there is a real mix of ability when it comes to writing though, but they all have such really distinct views on their existence and the world, if they are able to articulate it.


    Also, nice quote with the Voltaire. 🙂

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