Gogo Guru Studio Opening


There are few things that would cause me to willingly leave the heat of my apartment to endure below freezing temperatures- free yoga just happens to be one of them. Yesterday, a few friends and I did just that for the grand opening of Gogo Guru‘s yoga studio. One of those friends and I discovered the place a few weeks ago while we were exploring Ellicott City. At the time, it was only a retail space, but we ended up staying for a while and talked with the owner about the new yoga space. When we heard about the opening we were pretty excited. I’ve invited friends to things like this in the past and no one ever seemed super interested and usually ended up flaking. This time I was happy to have a group of equally-interested people with me.

Yoga Studio

The studio space great; very open and filled with natural light- just as a yoga space should be. We stayed for three mini-lessons, all of which were slightly different.

The first class was with Ling. She blended yoga and tai chi in an energetic way and focused heavily on breathing techniques (something most classes I’ve been to have glossed over). After a short trip to the refreshment table we went to the next class, lead by Emily. Although this class was a little challenging for me, she was so friendly and energetic it was still fun. We ended the day with a class lead by Rodger. He set a relaxing and easy-going tone at the beginning by explaining “there’s no wrong way to do these moves”.

Yoga Studio

It was so relaxing to look outside and see snow falling during the lessons.

If I hadn’t registered for yoga at my school I would have definitely paid for a monthly pass to Gogo Guru. They’re definitely at the top of my list when the semester ends!


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