Book Review: Double Dexter


Title: Double Dexter

Author: Jeff LIndsay
Publisher: Random House
Date finished: 1/25/13

Let me start by saying, I love Dexter. I love the books, the show, the character himself… all of it. I’m not huge on the mystery genre (when it comes to books at least) but I’ve read the rest of this series by Jeff Lindsay and I was super excited when I finally got a copy of Double Dexter. Jeff LIndsay’s writing style has the perfect level of intensity to convey the suspense of Dexter’s story as well as the character’s dry sarcasm.

With all of that said, this was my least favorite so far in the series. In this, the sixth installment of the series, Dexter’s hidden identity is discovered by a stranger who follows from a far and uses his homicidal tendencies, as well as his loved ones, against him. I found the plot to be slow-paced and predictable compared to the rest and for some reason it took me about four months to get through. As the pace picked up towards the end it became easier to motivate myself to read.

Overall Double Dexter was just ok. I highly recommend the rest of the series (starting with Darkly Dreaming Dexter).

For more on the Dexter series:

Have you read this, or any of the others in the series? What are your thoughts?

Happy reading!


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